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The Process Route of Valve Manufacturing

1. Process Route: 
In the valve manufacturing, after raw material, blank manufacturing, machining, heat treatment, welding, assembly and test process as the valve products, the whole route that it though is known as the process route, is also called process flow. Process route is the most main basis of formulating process. 
Generally, the formulation of valve manufacturing process planning can be divided into two steps. First step is to formulate valve manufacturing supply routes. Formulating process route is the overall layout of developing the technological process. Its main tasks are selecting processing methods, processing stage division, concentration and dispersion, and the arrangement of processing order. 

2. Device Configuration: 
In the design of the new factory (workshop) or expansion, rebuilding the old factory (workshop), it needs in line with guiding principle of valve enterprises, product structure, development trend, especially needs in accordance with a full set of process planning of valve products formulated by process route, to decide workshop scale, process equipment, area size and plant structure, span, height, lifting capacity, in the form of basic equipment, personnel, process equipment and investment, etc. Specific content including formulation process, labor, select the machine tool equipment and determining its relative position, dividing the inner regions of the workshop, determining workshop production organization, calculating workshop power(including: power, steam, water supply, gas supply) and parameters and quantities of supplies, calculating equipment investment and technical economic index, and so on. 

The nature and type of mechanical processing workshop and assembly workshop depends on valve products and its annual output. According to the weight of parts, mechanical processing workshop can be divided into light, medium, and heavy. According to the output, it can be divided into the single production machinery processing workshops, small batch production, mass production of four kinds of properties. Under the condition of high output and single type, it can set up separately production line or automatic assembly line. According to the number of metal cutting machine tool installed in the workshop, it can be divided into large, medium and small three kinds of the size of the workshop. 

According to the purpose, workshop equipment can be divided into three categories: production equipment, auxiliary equipment and lifting transportation equipment. 

Production equipment is necessary for the valve product parts machining and assembly and test equipment. In valve processing workshop, production equipment can be divided into the main production equipment, such as horizontal lathe, vertical lathe, milling machine, grinding machine, boring machine, drilling machine, and computational load of metal cutting machine tools and other production equipment and auxiliary equipment. 

As for the calculation of equipment quantity , it can be divided into the detailed calculation and general calculation these two kinds of methods. Detailed calculation have a variety of ways. When installing main production equipment of the mechanical processing workshops, to apply the formula to calculate load, though  section or step to obtain. 

According to the detailed calculation process, the number of machine tool should be accurate in theory. In practice, however, due to the nature of the enterprise production, leading product structure differences, different process routes, master data and the method to calculate the amount of labor is different, sometimes is not entirely accurate even counterproductive. And the method and calculation process of detailed computer machine number is complicated. It costs much time, and needs a complete set of product drawings and other information, so commonly used in mass production. 
Generally, small and medium-sized valve enterprises, due to the production of the enterprise platform, product structure and other characteristics, can adopt approximate calculation method to calculate number of machine tools. According to the workshop annual total amount of labor, or refer to the percentage of all kinds of machine tools to calculate machine machine tool roughly.

Commonly used approximate calculation method is according to the index of labor amount per ton production to calculate the number of devices, and according to the index of labor amount of each production to calculate the number of devices.