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What is the Production Process of Valve

A complete flow control line needs a complete valve to operate, so what is the valve production process? How different in the process of valve production and processing technology? What is the difference between castings? How to distinguish superior ones and inferior ones? It is lie in different machines? The inner disk? Sales of the products? First of all, let’s understand the production process of the valve. To produce the valve, including these procedures: dissolving steel, casting (note: the low pressure valve by casting, high pressure valve by forging), cleaning up, casting product inspection, machine processing, testing tolerance, grinding surface, surface inspection, appearance electroplating, assembling, testing pressure, testing temperature, testing material, finished product inspection, packed in wooden cases, valve can leave the factory after these complex process.
Casting is the way that casting molten metal into the casting cavity which is adapted to module shape, this way will get a shape or blank after waiting for the cooling and solidification. The management of quality: the unfinished products in the process of production are made controlled by quality management, quality protection department is responsible for the inspection from post cost and the whole products mainly inspect the packaging and place of finished product. At the same time, the international market will change the standard of the demand for domestic products gradually, will have higher requirements on the quality of Chinese products, packaging, and delivery deadline, even extend to the production process and product research and development gradually, connect product with environmental protection, energy resources and human environment. The huge market and the gravity of center status will further attract valve multinational company to transfer to China’s manufacturing center. Combining with foreign enterprises will enhance China's valve products quality and enterprise competitiveness. While continuing to expand the United States, Japan and other traditional markets, it will fully boom in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Europe, Africa and so on. 
The difference between the casting process of superior valve and inferior valve 
1. The difference of casting process
Low-end products and some intermediate products are mostly adopting sand model to cast. People often say (foundry). The production produced by this kind of processing, their metal internal organization structure is loose, rust, perforated, it is easy to form (blister), (punch), and other internal defects. These can't be found in appearance. But in after suing for a period of time, they will appear internal leakage, bad sealing, and even more defects. They will lead to low product life. It is understood that low-end valves have a short service life of only 1 to 3 years, longer ones will have 5 years. Precise casting is adopted by high-end products and the mid-range products produced by powerful company. That is using precise casting, die casting. This kind of process conditions has been popular in foreign countries. The inner organization structure of valve body metal of the production produced by this process is dense. It is quality guaranteed, wear-resisting, and it have long service life. The same valve body, the weight and the consumption of material are different by two different kinds of process. There is a gap of 1/3 on weight between precise casting body and sand casting body. Consequently, the same product and the same function have the totally different price. 
2. Different machinery processing technology

Generally, in order to reduce the cost, inferior or some intermediate products adopt humble processing machinery, simple process, and low machining precision. This leads to no guaranteed quality. Powerful companies use special equipment or imported special equipment to process product. Processing technology is standard, the precision is high. After assembling product components, the mutual cooperation performance of product is good. It’s rare to appear quality problem and users trust it. 

3. Choose different valve disk technology

The valve disk on process is the disk part of the valve. Although the vast majority of products in the market now adopt high-end valve disk, the quality of the high-end valve disk is vary widely. The key parts of high-end valve disk lies in the degree of valve disk. Many domestic valve body use domestic casting, valve disk and other disk components are imported, imported and domestic quality of good or bad, directly affect the service life of the valve disk, also is one of the major problems affecting the service life of the valve. Developers should pay attention to the applications of the product, the user demand, consumer habits, and conduct an extensive research on the existing market. Combining with the door factory and other senior industrial customer feedback, developers has carried out new design on the lock body function to meet the need. Casting enterprises will pay more attention to the user’s experience. 

At present, there are domestic valve disk, imported valve disk, imported high-end foreign brands and China made products on the market. Due to their different qualities, the price of them also varies from a few dozen yuan, hundred yuan, and thousand yuan. In order to save the cost, the valve disk quality of low-end products is bad. Service life is short. Good valve disk give a soft touch feeling, flexible, no crevice, no light, general service life can guarantee 5-10 years. The valve disk with poor quality has no soft feeling, and it’s difficult to rotate and operate. 

4. Different Electroplating Process

In general, the nickel plating layer of low-end chrome valve is 5 microns, the chromium plating layer of that is 0.1 microns. The nickel plating layer of high-end valve is 15 microns, chromium plating layer is about 0.3 microns. If the electroplated layer is thin, people will feel that just its outlook is light. If the electroplated layer is thick, people will feel that the light of the product come from the inner, feel like green. There is a kind of epoxy coating. General city use pipe gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, filter, etc. Their appearance is processed by epoxy coating, so as to avoid environmental corrosion and damaging to the body. There are two simple conditions can identify the quality of the plating. One is looking in the plating. That is, look at the product and see your figure, to feel the shades of it? If feel deep, the quality of electroplating is good; If feel very shallow, the quality electroplating is bad. The second is printing on it. Leave your fingerprint on it, if the fingerprint disappear for a while, that electroplating is good in quality; if the fingerprint dose not retreat, the electroplating is bad in quality.
5. Increasing valve technology demand

With the constant improvement of the domestic status in the world, more and more countries around the world began to use China’s valve products. Our products are sold to all over the world, to some extent; this stimulated the development of the domestic product. In recent years, with the speeding up of the global economic integration, China valve processing technology gradually becomes the main force of the valve industry. Some developed countries, especially United States, Germany, and the UK increase their demand for valve casting at a speed of teens every year. China has achieved unprecedented record for sales volume.
Put all above factors together, from the cost performance, consumers should choose high, middle-grade products, for similar products, people should choose precise casting products; Maybe the price is higher than low-end products, but its quality can be assured, from a long-term view, they are much more economical.