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A Brief on Cryogenic Valve

A cryogenic valve refers to the valve that enables to be operated under low temperatures which generally is -40℃. 

The cryogenic valve is essential for petrochemical industry, air separation, and natural gas. Its performance can decide the safety of production as well as economy and sustainability of operation. In recent years, the applications of the cryogenic valve have expanded as the demand of the cryogenic valve is increasing.

Applications of the cryogenic valve
The cryogenic valve is mainly used in equipment including the ethylene plant, the LNG terminal, VPSA oxygen plant, the LNG storage tank, the LNG satellite station, the air separation plant, the petrochemical exhaust separation plant the LNG (liquefied natural gas) plant, the liquid oxygen and helium storage tank, the carbon dioxide cryogenic storage tank and car. 
Cryogenic media delivered by cryogenic valves include LNG, LPG, ethylene, liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen. These mediums are not only flammable and explosive, but also will turn into gas with hundreds of times expanded volume when the temperature is increasing. Thus, people need to take these factors into full consideration when designing and selecting the cryogenic valve. 

Classification of the cryogenic valve
According to different medium temperature, there is the cryogenic valve and the super cryogenic valve:
Medium operating temperature of cryogenic valves: -100℃≤ t≤-40℃
Medium operating temperature of super cryogenic valves: t< -100℃

Specification, performance parameter and design parameter of the cryogenic valve
Nominal pressure: CLASS150~1500; PN20~250
Nominal diameter: DN15~1200
Connection: flanged (FF/RF/RJ), butt-welded (BW), NPT, socket weld (SW), etc. 

Typical materials and the minimum operating temperatures
1 LCB/LCC/ LF2: -46℃
LC3/LF3: -101℃  
CF8/CF8M/CF3/CF3M304/316/304L/316L: -273℃

Drive mode
Manual operation, bevel gear operation, electric operation, pneumatic operation, hydraulic & pneumatic operation, etc.

Types of the cryogenic valve
The cryogenic ball valve, the cryogenic gate valve, the cryogenic globe valve, the cryogenic safety valve, the cryogenic check valve, the cryogenic butterfly valve, the cryogenic needle valve, the cryogenic throttle valve, the cryogenic pressure reducing valve, etc.