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Introduction of Baiting Valve

Baiting valve is mainly used for bottom discharge of reactors, storage tanks or other containers. It is welded into storage tanks and the containers by means of the flange which is at the bottom of the valve, in order to eliminate residual of process medium at the outlet.
Baiting valve is an essential body of reaction kettle , which controls chemical liquid in the reaction kettle so as to have closed and compressed reaction, and open the discharge outlet to  release its liquid while processes of mixture and reaction of liquids are not impacted. The structure and performance of baiting valve can not only have an influence on the operating performance of reaction kettle, but also affect efficiency of chemical reactions and quality of chemical products. With the rapid development of organic chemical and fine chemical industries, requirements for reaction kettle baiting valve are higher.
Baiting valve is easy to operate, open and flexible. It has advantages of easy maintenance of valve flap, reasonable sealing structure, easy-replaceable sealing gasket, which is very good for controlling liquid with easy precipitation and particles. It is widely used in reactors for chemical engineering, oil, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, pesticide, dye, food industries, etc. 
There are several sorts of baiting valve, including lifting up baiting valve, putting down baiting valve, plunger type baiting valve, baiting ball valve. We often install long barrel type baiting valve at seed tanks due to the special technologies of alumina industry.

Introductions of lifting up baiting valves and putting down baiting valves
Lifting up and putting down baiting valves are special valves which are installed at the bottom of reaction kettle. Its valve flap moves up and down along the center line of the outlet passage. Baiting valves are classified into lifting up and putting down type based on the different flap motion. Lifting up baiting valve is that when the valve was opened and the valve flap would lifting up. Putting down baiting valve refers to that when the valve was opened and the valve flap would putting down. We often choose lifting up baiting valve in alumina industry. Lifting up baiting valves can be classified into flat bottom type and pipe joint type, though that is controversial. Both lifting up baiting valve and putting down baiting valve can make their valve flap tops match the reaction kettle bottom roughly without any dead angle.
A lifting up baiting valve has a flat bottom of the outlet and Y shape with smoothly flow. It has big flow and small pressure drop loss. The leakage of the valve seat qualifies ASME B16.104 standard, which is energy-saving valve for reactor application system. We use WCV, stainless steel, glass lining, PTFE lining materials for baiting valves.