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Development Prospect Analysis of Flanged Gate Valve Market

Recently, the constant development and change of valve market create an unstable market at home and aboard. But in the next 5 to 10 years, with the upcoming of G20 summit(International Economic Cooperation Forum), the overall economic level would show a rising trend. Meanwhile, gate valve industry will edge up.

Flanged gate valve has various types. According to structural style, it can be divided into floating gate valve, fixed gate valve, resilient gate valve and oil seal gate valve. According to connection style, it can be divided into threaded connection, flanged connection and welding connection. According to driving mode, it can be divided into stainless steel pneumatic gate valve, stainless steel electric gate valve and manual gate valve, etc.

The main advantages of flanged gate valve:

1. Simple structure, relatively small size, light weight and it’s easy to maintain.

2. Good sealing performance.

3. Apply for regular operation; open and close rapidly and conveniently.

4. Small fluid resistance.

5. Unlimited installation direction, optional direction of medium

6. No vibration, low noise.

The operation principle of flanged gate valve is rotate spool to make the valve unblocked or obstruction. Flanged gate valve has light switch and small volume so that it could be made as large caliber. It has advantages of reliable sealing performance, simple structure and convenient maintenance. Because both the sealing surface and the ball surface are usually in a closed situation so that it’s uneasy being scoured by medium. Therefore, it has been widely used in various industries. 

We can predict that the flanged gate valve would be the most important product in the several few years from its great advantages and diversification. Besides, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, stainless valve would play a big role in civil domain and the market would continues to expand. 

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