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Characteristics and Installation of Forged Steel Flange Gate Valve

The bonnet of forged steel flange gate valve can be classified into three kinds: bolted bonnet, welded bonnet and pressure self-tightening type bonnet. The main characteristics of the valve are having rising stem with bracket, and the whole body is the flange. The design of flat type seat reduces the fluid pressure, flowing with no impedient. Before installing forged steel flange valve, people should carefully read the product instruction manual and installation manual, which will be great helpful for the installation and use in the future. 

1. Adopt flat seat structure design to eliminate impurities deposition and reduce the fluid resistance, making the flow smoother. 
2. Easy opening and closing, small washout. 
3. Convenient installation, free medium flow direction, no constraint. 
4. Simple structure, sealed tight, exquisite manufacturing process. 

1. Doing valve internal cleaning before installation, impurities can't exist in the valve cavity and seal surface. 
2. Evenly tighten bolts of every connection parts. 
3. Check whether the packing area is compressed, ensuring that packing is sealed tightly, and disc can switch flexibly. 
4. Proofread valve type, size and other information before installation. The direction of medium flow direction must be consistent with prescriptive flow direction. 
5. When installation, leave a certain space for the operation of the valve drive. 
6. In accordance with the instructions of circuit diagram, arrange wiring for driving devices. 
7. After installation, it needs maintenance on a regular basis. 

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Characteristics and Installation of Forged Steel Flange Gate Valve